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J ScottYears ago when I started competing in Action Shooting I shot with Linea de Fuego in San Diego, California. I took over publishing the club’s monthly newsletter called The Double Tap.

Recently the ideas of what I wanted to create, came together for me. Finally after all these years I’ve decided the time has come to create a online home for the Action Shooting Sports. Most gun magazines and websites concentrate on guns, holsters, ammo or legislation. This effort is going to focus on the Action Shooting Sports.

UPDATE 10/27/2015 — After a long layoff I’ve decided to rebrand and relaunch The Action Shooting Podcast as Action Shooting 101. The current url www.ActionShootingPodcast.com will be retained but I’ve added the new url www.ActionShooting101.com. Both urls will resolve to the same website and content. The rebranding will take the emphasis off of the Podcast format and allow us to offer more traditional content and news.


In 1995 GunGames magazine, published by Wally Arida was created. Unfortunately the magazine was short lived. GunGames, as the name implies, focused on the sports and the participants. They also covered the guns and equipment but the focus was on the sports first. That’s what we’re going to focus on, The Action Shooting Sports.

You can look forward to articles on the various sports, the matches, the competitors, shooting tips, training, the guns, the gear, news, opinion, and history. We’ll be recruiting guest contributers and regular writers as we go. I’m happy to welcome Kippi Leatham as our first guest contributer and look forward to future articles from her.

We’ll be including information from as many of the Action Shooting Sports as we can arrange coverage, USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun, IDPA, ICORE, SASS, Western 3 Gun, Zoot Shooters.


I invite you to Register with The Action Shooting Podcast  101 below and you’ll have full access to all the articles, videos, photos on the website. Occasionally  you’ll receive an email newsletter giving you access to the latest content and news that has been added to the website.


From one shooter to another we do not spam and your registration will require that you opt-in and confirm that you do want to hear from The Action Shooting Podcast 101.

Hope you enjoy,

J. Scott

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